Calm & Relaxed

Do you need some instant reassurance that you CAN stop the clock and relax? Maybe you feel like you’ve never got time for you? Possibly you feel overwhelmed by all there is to do before due date?  Is everyone having a better time than you?

Are you poorly with pregnancy symptoms and time is dragging, without any joy?

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Speaking to the Guyz

  • I presume you’re feeling like a pretty ordinary guy, about to embark upon an extraordinary adventure (becoming a dad) and freakin’ out about it?
  • . . . burying your head in the sand?
  • . . . suddenly catapulting you into the grown up world of planning & responsibility?
  • . . . wondering just how on earth you could be useful to anyone in a Labour Ward, surrounded by all those women who seem to know what they’re doing?
  • You might already be a dad, and brought worries from your last experience into the here & now?
  • Bet you think these classes aren’t for you, don’t ya?. . . all a bit weirdy, hippy, woo woo eh?

Talking to the Ladies

  • Bet you’re feeling like the usual hospital classes are all that’s out there for you, aren’t you?
  • Maybe you work in health/caring roles /public services and therefore only ever see the problems of humanity – everyone else’s worst days?
  • You therefore possibly are feeling a bit shoe-horned into certain places, choices , feelings or people for your birth because of your job – you’ve been so busy looking at everyone else’s care pathways, risks and outcomes?
  • Are you possibly feeling very small in a BIG machine and don’t know which way to turn to explore your own needs?


Practical, Supportive, Realistic, Fun
Gives you power & confidence so you know what to do from now until you’re that Dad – or Mum.

            Classes for Coventry & Nth Warwickshire – Group & Private
Private classes in Leicestershire/Staffordshire/West Midlands/Warwickshire