About Bernie Allport

Bernie Allport - Time4BirthRM, RN, ONC, Dip He, HBCE.

Hello! And a  very warm welcome to you!

Hopefully you’ve already “met me” over at my Homepage video and discovered how my Time 4 Birth classes, teaching of The Wise Hippo method can help you?

Classes are available by Group or Private sessions in Coventry & Nth Warks; Private sessions within Warks, Leics, Staffs & West Mids.

I am Bernie Allport and i founded Time 4 Birth in 2008, after being funded by my Midwifery unit Holistic group to train in the Mongan method of HypnoBirthing – which changed my life and provided me the incentive to teach many couples since then.

I switched the method i teach to “The Wise Hippo” in 2013 – a new, fresh, funky, UK centric approach which embraces you from Bump to Birth to Baby!

All techniques and approaches YOU learn are adaptable to life in general and any type of birth experience – YOU will love feeling “the penny drop” when YOU realise YOUR skills are equally as useful in an operating theatre as they are in a dimly lit birthing pool at home!

Bernie Allport Vitality TestWe are all somebody’s child, who grows and goes out into the world with our unique personalities and strengths, creating our life story along the way. So, I am that daughter, sister, niece, cousin, shy person, nurse, midwife, found my voice (gobby) person, wife, mother, aunty, more mature now, career change to I.T health systems, semi-retired, empathic, thorough, compassionate, empowering, earthy type! I really only discovered my “type” by undertaking “The Vitality Test” – with the amazing Nick Haines, who developed the 5 energies dynamics from his experiences and studies of Ancient Chinese observations, which went on to classify energy types for life – wellbeing, success and the right match for your work/business. He operates within a core of kindness, like all caregivers and truly interested health personnel and hence offered his work to our Wise Hippo instructor community recently.

Why not take The Vitality Test yourself? Align who YOU are with what YOU do. It’s free and it’s at http://www.nicholas-haines.com

So, my personality type matches my business and my FIRE and EARTH components suggest my traits to be…

Communication, looking out and protecting others, feeling the mood, sensing the discomfort, reading the situation, enthusiastic, energetic, out there and involved talkative, sharing a message, coming from the heart, speaking the truth, being able to relate quickly and closely to others, optimistic in difficult situations, empowering and enthusing others, bring joy and passion to others.

Attention to detail, understanding, empathy, consideration, service, down to earth; steady, solid, reliable, nourishing, nurturing, supportive, assimilation, pulling together, seeing the component parts, practical, hands on and real.

So, my interest in getting the foundations right, starting parenting before birth, nurturing the child and providing a healthy emotional environment in which he/she can grow to be another independent type of personality is exactly matched in my EARTH and FIRE tendencies!  This comes from all the many roles in my life, as listed above and below, both the personal experiences as that child and my 40 years’ experience in Nursing & Midwifery – all amassing into micro-roles such as:-

  • Orthopaedic nurse (ONC)
  • Registered General nurse (RN)
  • Registered Midwife (RM)
  • Natural Family planning teaching certificate
  • Ward Sister
  • Community caseload Midwife including many different types of Birth preparation classes
  • On call homebirth Midwife

DipHe study at University during which time i helped initiate a Continence and Midwifery Initiative (CAMI) to aid pelvic floor, bladder and bowel awareness amongst women and healthcare professionals

Some part-time work in a Women’s refuge for BME (Black, Minority & Ethnic) & S.E Asian women and children, during which times i studied about the effects and risks of honour crimes

Joint Clinical Lead for an I.T systems project when my NHS Trust deployed an electronic health informatics system. I still provide I.T training to NHS Trust staff on a part-time basis today.

SO – Please DO  “CALL THE MIDWIFE”!  I don’t ride a bicycle though!

I have a grown-up son & daughter, have hung up my Midwifery hat and along with teaching you all to enjoy creating a great birth story – i love dancing and trips away with my girly gangs, travels with hubby, clubbercise and pilates fitness, meditation and mindfulness approaches and meeting up and socializing with good friends (that Earth energy again!).

I use many of The Wise Hippo techniques in my normal life, whilst retaining a mindful and positive outlook and wish you the very best in YOUR use of them too!