Birth Stories

Take a look at my clients’ Birth stories and how my Time 4 Birth courses have made them feel


New born baby Theo in birthing pool

Once the contractions were more noticeable I started my breathing techniques, counting my way through the breaths, and didn’t stop until well after the birth (my brain couldn’t stop!). I was in my own little world counting, the day whizzed by, and although I didn’t do any visualisations, the focus on breathing and counting took my whole attention. I would want to do it all the same again, and I’m just so thankful to you for enabling this.

Time4birth Myself and my husband had a previous traumatic time during the labor and birth of our daughter. I had to undergo an emergency caesarean as she was back to back and in an awkward position and failure to progress. When we found out that I was pregnant a second time round I panicked and wasn’t happy about the whole situation of giving birth again as the first time was so vividly traumatic. So I decided to do something about the birth of our second baby, that something being HypnoBirthing. I looked on the internet and asked my midwife who put me in contact with Bernie Allport (we couldn’t have asked for a better HypnoBirthing teacher she was our godsend!) After completing 5 weeks on her course we both felt completely confident and at ease with the up and coming birth of our baby, it had completely changed our perception of labour and birth and we were so excited about the whole thing. I went into labour the morning after my baby shower (timing!), it started off with mild irregular waves at 3am in the morning and I carried my morning/day as normal eating and drinking, not entirely sure if this was it! I felt confident that it was when the waves got more regular and stronger. I spent a lot of time in the bath at home whilst my husband poured warm water over my tummy and recited HypnoBirthing affirmations. We also listened to the CD and my husband talked me through some of the techniques we had been practicing. At about 5pm that evening I decided to go into the hospital to see how far dilated I was, and, to see if I could use the water pool. As I was classed as a VBAC, they put me as high risk but I also had consent from my consultant to labour in a pool and give birth if everything went smoothly. They examined me in triage and said I was only 1cm dilated so we decided to go home and try some visualization techniques and nipple stimulation so I would dilate some more. At 10pm we went back into the hospital to use the pool at which I was 5cm. I laboured in the pool with dim lighting and playing some chilled out music on our iPod to relax, still using HB techniques throughout. My water broke at about 2:30am in the pool at which point my midwife asked me to get out to be examined. My midwife wasn’t trained to deliver in the pool so we decided to stay out and give birth on the bed. I was birth breathing for about an hour and gave birth to our gorgeous baby boy at 3:33am. We both felt that the labour and birth was completely different to the first time, we were both a lot more relaxed and confident with a more natural approach thus giving us an amazing experience thanks to HypnoBirthing and our tutor Bernie, helping to make it possible for us to have our natural and overwhelming spiritual birth experience we wanted so very much.

Sleeping new-born babyHi Bernie,

Hope you are well and your new job is going well. I thought I would share my birth story with you.

My due date (Sunday 2nd Feb) came and went and I was feeling pretty fed up with being pregnant and not being able to get comfortable in bed. On Tuesday 4th Feb I went to bed with …. as normal, but was woken by a tightening sensation in my uterus at around midnight. I hadn’t felt any Braxton Hicks contractions during my pregnancy, so part of me thought this may just be that, however I couldn’t help feeling a little bit excited in case I was in labour so I used Slow Breathing through each contraction, imagining blowing up a large red balloon and then letting it drift off into space. The tightenings continued and kept me awake. …. woke up at around 2am because I was restless and I said I thought I was in early labour. …. went back to sleep and I lay there wondering if I should ask him not to go to work in the morning. To my disappointment the tightenings stopped at around 5am on Weds 5th, so I had just lost a whole nights sleep for nothing (or so I thought). I sent …. off to work that morning with the assurance that I would phone him if things got started again, but I was convinced I wouldn’t need to. I spent the morning on the sofa watching TV and the tightenings started up again at around 9am. I still wasn’t sure if it was the real thing, but I continued to use the Slow Breathing just in case, in an effort to help my cervix open. I had read that a way to differentiate between Braxton Hicks and real labour was to eat, drink and change your activity to see if the tightenings went away. I ate and drank throughout the morning but the tightenings still continued. I then decided that I would go for a walk to the post office to post a birthday card and see if the tightenings got stronger or would go away, it’s a half an hour walk in total. I was having to stop every five minutes pretty much from the time I left the house, as the contractions had become much stronger, so by this point I was sure I was in labour.

On the way back from the post office I was stopping at every other lamp post or garden wall to breathe through the contractions (I even had a contraction at the till in the Coop, where I stopped to buy some cake- after all, if it wasn’t true labour I was going to need to drown my disappointment in Battenburg). I got home at 2.30pm and had a very intense contraction, so I phoned …. and asked him to come home from work, as it’s an hour drive and then a further hour from our house to the birthing centre. I sat on my birthing ball and used my Slow Breathing through the contractions, which had become fairly intense but manageable. …. arrived home at 3.30pm and used some counter pressure on my lower back during the contractions, which were coming around every 4 minutes when he timed a few. He called the birthing centre to explain I was in labour and I briefly spoke to the midwife, however I had to pass the phone back to …. mid conversation to breathe through a contraction, at which point the midwife told …. to bring me in. I double checked my bags and …. packed the car. We set off at around 4.15pm with me listening to the relaxation tracks on my iPod (I listened to it twice as the journey took a record time of 45minutes- we just missed rush hour, which was lucky or my waters would have broken all over the passenger seat).

We arrived at the birthing centre at 5pm and were taken to one of the two birthing rooms by the midwife. I was a little embarrassed that my contractions were far more manageable than they had been at home and during the car journey. …. set up the music (I had put together a selection of relaxation tracks) and the midwife … examined me. I was disappointed to only be 4cm dilated as I had read that 1cm=1hour, so I was imagining another 6hours until I would be ready to push. However I was just pulling up my leggings when my waters broke in a big tidal wave, and then the contractions came back with a vengeance, really strong and I was struggling to use the Slow Breathing effectively. I asked … if she could fill the pool, which took nearly half an hour, but it was such a relief when I got into that warm water and the next contraction was much more comfortable. The comfort was short lived however, as my contractions got very intense and after about 25minutes my body took over and I couldn’t resist the urge to push. At this point I did waver a little and asked …. to get the midwife, as I was convinced it was far too soon to be pushing, given that I had only been 4cm dilated less than an hour ago. … reassured me that if my body needed to push then I should just go with it, despite my protests that I wasn’t dilated enough. Another 25minutes and I was holding baby …. …… …… in my arms and feeling quite shocked at how quick it had been. She was born at 6.49pm and weighed 7lb. I was a bit worried about all the noise I was making during the pushing (Birth Breathing went out of the window I’m afraid) as the book suggests that babies should not be born with lots of screaming and other sounds which could frighten them, so this is probably my only disappointment. However little …. did not seem to be any the worse for it, as she promptly snuggled into my chest in the pool and closed her eyes after a quick look at me and ….

I was amazed at how clear the water in the pool was. …. started rooting around for the breast while we were waiting for the placenta (physiological third stage) and the little monkey also went to the toilet on me. The policy at …… is not to cut the umbilical cord until the placenta has been delivered, but after 15minutes …. did the deed as the cord was quite short, making it awkward for me to move. …. then had some skin to skin with …. and the placenta was delivered 10 minutes later. …. did perineal massage for me every night from about week 33 and as a result I had a completely intact perineum, which is one of the things I was most worried about. I had a slight labial graze but apart from that I was fine.

I was able to breastfeed within an hour of giving birth and we are still going strong with the breastfeeding. I wanted to say a big thank you for helping us on our journey to parenthood, I really do think the hypnobirthing has played a big role not only in the actual birth, but also in the weeks leading up to it. I had the best birth I could have, a completely natural, drug-free waterbirth. I can’t wait to be pregnant again!

The Right Birth on the DayI was pregnant for the second time and wanted to do all I could to ensure my birth experience was as enjoyable for myself and my husband as possible,
and of course that our new baby came into the world in the most peaceful, happy and safe way as possible.

Friends of ours had shared their wonderful birth experience with us, and they had attented Hypnobirthing classes and found they gave them the tools they needed to take control of their baby’s birth, and they recommended we consider Hypnobirthing for our new baby as well.

After finding Bernie and speaking to her, I knew she would be the right person to help us through the Hypnobirthing course.
Bernie kindly came to our home in the evening and on weekends and she gave both myself and my husband, ……, the confidence we needed as well as some very useful tools to help with our forthcoming birth.

Our new baby’s birthday finally arrived, and I had felt surges begin early in the morning – what a considerate little angel, he let me have a full nights sleep before deciding it was time to join his family. I was very excited, because I started my breathing techniques which we practiced in our sessions with Bernie, and they really helped me. My surges were short lived and completely painless. My husband was feeling happy that I was so calm, and he carefully prepared the birthing pool
and made sure all was in place, ready for the birth. I was feeling so relaxed, that I started baking banana bread, so my first Son …… could take some to the park and share with his friends.
May I say, it has been the tastiest banana bread I’ve ever made….and probably ever will. It felt so good to be in my own home, with …… and …… with me – and able to get on with my day as normal, although I was in labour.

When I started emailing colleagues, telling them I would probably have to hand some work over to them to deal with that day, it made me realise how unusual it was to be emailing them saying that I was in labour.

I felt so in control of the day, and of my body – I simply sat on my birthing ball when I felt a surge, and used my breathing techniques….and that was all I needed to progress through my labour without any pain whatsoever.
Once …… left for some playtime at the park, I lay on the sofa and my husband used one of the relaxation scripts with me. I felt sleepy and relaxed and …… told me later that I actually fell asleep for about an hour while on the sofa, and only twitched slightly when I had each surge.

Once the midwives had joined us, my labour had progressed considerably and they were very surprised to see how relaxed I was. They simply stood by and observed me and my husband, and did not need to participate at all, until our baby was ready to join us.

The birth itself happended very quickly, but wasn’t the tranquil water birth I had hoped for, but only because our little baby’s bowels opened after his head was out but before he had emerged completely, and at that point I had to be removed from the water to birth my baby safely.

….. …… ….. arrived safely in our living room and I had no intervention or pain relief whatsoever, it was a completely natural birth – just what we had hoped for. …… (Dad) was such a key part of the birth as he was my support with our Hypnobirthing techniques, it gave him a wonderful sense of worth – and it really helped him to have an active role in the birth of our son, rather than simply being a spectator.

and I would never have managed this wonderful experience on our own, and we are both very grateful for Bernie’s help. I would happily recommend Hypnobirthing to every expectant mum, as it gives you the tools to enjoy a wonderful, natural birth – the kind we all hope for and the way nature intended it!

Time4Birth with Bernie AllportHi Bernie,
Sorry been so slow in replying, life has been hectic filled with the highs and lows of life. My uncle and Gran have both died within a month of each other which has been the low but the high was the safe and happy arrival of …. ……… on 30 September.

The birth went really well and we must thank you for your massive part in it. Just from the first session with you my whole attitude to the pregnancy and birth changed and as a result I enjoyed both, plus had the confidence to buy a house! We moved into the new house on the Sunday and …. was born on the Wednesday.

The labour was very easy, almost so easy I nearly didn’t call the midwife until too late. The surges started at 7am but they weren’t painful or uncomfortable so I spent the day resting as luckily ….. was at the childminder, although now I’m not sure it was luck but my body realising this was the first day I’d had to rest for the previous two weeks so took it’s moment to start the birth! I called the hospital about 4 as I thought I’d let the community midwife know that she may need to come out at some point. The hospital midwife told me to take a paracetamol and rest as it didn’t sound like anything much was happening. I requested that the midwife came out and they reluctantly agreed. The midwife fortunately was close by and arrived about 4.45. She checked me over and I was 8cm and so she stayed with me and called the support midwife. … was still moving boxes at this point and arrived home to find the midwife and being instructed that if I wanted a water birth he better get on and fill the pool. This was a bit of a mad rush but he amazingly got it filled just in time for me to get in and …. to be born at 6.45. It was amazing and I got to pick her up and hold her straight away. She was so calm and pretty much seemed to sleep through the whole thing and has stayed calm and sleepy since her birth.

So thank you I got exactly the birth I wanted and … loved being at home and felt much more a part of it. By 8 o’clock the midwives were gone and we were left to enjoy getting to know her. Physically and emotionally I have felt so positive and have really enjoyed these first few precious weeks.

If I were to have another baby I would have them at home again but I think I would be more relaxed at the birthing as I found it hard to resist the pressure from the midwives who were very into active birthing and pushing and I’d try to get into the pool earlier or just stay put as I felt moving to the pool just as the surges changed meant that I did come out of my relaxed state and it was hard to get it back at that point, however, this bit was only for about 15 mins so was a very small part of the whole thing! I think the midwives must have thought I was a bit odd as I had no pain relief for the whole labour but used up their supply of gas and air to have 2 stitches!

I’m sorry but we didn’t have a chance to take any photos or film of the birth as it all happened too fast we do have a photo from after she was born but a couple of hours after, we were so relaxed there seemed no rush! Happy to write something for your website…..

Thank you once again for everything, you really did make …. ‘s arrival into the world very special,
all the best,
love ……