Confident C-section

3 x 2.5 Hour sessions
  • Have you made a decision already for YOU that a Caesarean Section is the right birth on the day.
  • Maybe you have already attended The Wise Hippo Birthing programme and your circumstances have changed?
  • Are you feeling that having a Caesarean Section takes away your chance to relax and enjoy your birth?
  • Do you need to Question & Review your circumstances before accepting suggestions put to you?
  • Would you like to know how to apply relaxation techniques to your birth, even though it will be in an operating theatre?

Receive your Course workbook and 8 Mp3’s to enhance your confidence and relaxation practice and plan for a better Caesarean Section!

Time4Birth with Bernie Allport

Exploring how you feel about your Caesarean
What is a Caesarean section?
Who will be there during this experience, for you
Defining and explaining Hypnosis – allowing you to understand it’s use in calm preparation
Understanding your mind and it’s connection with your body’s ability to heal
Techniques to teach you how to deal with negative stories around you and within your thoughts
Affirmations for a calm, comfortable and confident Caesarean section birth
Soothing massage technique to aid relaxation pre, during and post birth
Class video of interview of mum about her planned Caesarean section birth

Looking at anxiety and how to reduce it
The role of Hypnosis relaxation, positions for the body and use of distractions
Managing pain
Bond and Breathe hypnosis script while you connect with your baby
The self-hypnosis skill of “Going to your relaxing place”
How to use “eyes open” hypnosis, time distortion, anchoring
Birth partner’s script for Caesarean section birth
Releasing fears
Class video of twin Caesarean birth, with interview of their mum

During and after your Caesarean
Preparing for home
Birth partner’s role
Hypnosis session for Confident Caesarean section
Class video of gentle Caesarean section birth