Prenatal Parenting Programme

Suitable  16 – 26 weeks, but can really be undertaken at any stage of pregnancy
3 hour session
  • How are you feeling about your pregnancy and the thought of becoming a parent?
  • Would you like to understand and act on the meaning of your emotions and why this is important before you parent your babies?
  • Would you value that “safe space” in a session, to connect with your own and each other’s inner feelings about becoming parents – exploring what you need for yourself, from each other and from other people too?
  • Do you have fears and concerns as well as joy and happiness about your upcoming birth?
  • Do you put yourself last, always exhausted, worry about everything and generally feel in a negative mood or are surrounded by negativity?
  • You have heard about bonding with your baby but maybe have a limited knowledge of what you can do? Let The Wise Hippo show you how!

What do YOU get out of it?

  • Time to focus on YOU and explore answers to all of the above
  • A code to access your own client area on The Wise Hippo website and gain a digital version of all the tools and techniques learned during the session.
  • A script and Mp3 of “Quiet time with your baby”
  • A “Blow away your worries” Mp3
  • The Wise Hippo instrumental Mp3 – good background relaxer
  • Membership of the Prenatal Parenting Programme Facebook page.

The benefit of my experience in working with people of all ages, having had my own children and the benefit of hindsight – ask me anything – I  am methodical and passionate that you get the knowledge you need in order to work with your own individual circumstances.