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So, let’s talk about YOU! – THE most important person there is!

Bit of a surprise eh? – possibly everyone around you is only concerned with your bump? Or – if you’re the Dad – all attention is going to her 🙁 . Maybe no-ones’s asking you how you feel or what you want, what your worries are?

How much time are you spending fretting over and over about the same thought in your head? Would that be because you have no real guidance or helping hand – maybe an Aunty figure is what’s needed to set you on the right path?

Whether you are the Mum or Dad – Time 4 Birth  courses are therefore ideal for YOU

  • Classes for Coventry & Nth warks – Group & Private
  • Classes around Warwickshire, West Midlands, Leics & Staffs – Private.
  • Mums may attend alone or with a different choice of birth partner.
  • All types of couples are welcome.
  • You may bring your other named birth partners, doulas, midwives etc, so long as they attend ALL sessions and are willing to participate in a positive way.
  • Mums who already feel knowledgeable and confident about birth – PLEASE bring your partners so they get to feel that confidence too! My job is to empower YOU all to make the right choices for YOU and help YOU work through that which you cannot change.
  • I love working with the Dads – we’ve always had lots of fun and banter to release the nerves. One of my lovely dads came up with the sentiment for one of my posters – stating that a major benefit of the course was the simple trick of how to sleep well after many years of not doing so. I nurture the Dads to know what to do alongside you at every consultation, problem or during birth day. They need the focus! Ladies – you will be preoccupied!

I love working with my time4birth dads  Time for birth - Time to relax more - Time to breathe well - Time to sleep better - Time to get rid of the fear of all scary birth stories - Time to enjoy your pregnancy - Time to have a more comfortable birth -Time for partners to know what to do.

During YOUR  Time 4 Birth  courses, I can instantly reassure YOU that

  • This is YOUR website and will provide most of what YOU need to know for YOUR It’s all about YOU!
  • The Wise Hippo style is unique and now does not really use the term “hypnobirthing” – so as not to exclude those who think it’s something it isn’t. So, with no pressure to conform to any particular style of birth – YOU are assured
The Right Birth on the Day

How? I hear you ask…

Because The Wise Hippo programmes are delivered in a clear, fun, funky style to suit ALL couples and EVERY type of birth, because there is

NO promise of:

  • No pain
  • A vaginal birth only
  • Only a Homebirth
  • No doctors will be needed
  • That your baby has read your course manual

 BUT . . . there IS the promise of:

  • Evidence-based relaxation techniques, using some hypnosis skills
  • Evidence-based birthing knowledge and expertise
  • Assertiveness training
  • Confidence boosting through new knowledge
  • Acceptance of that which you cannot change – by mindful approaches
The Right Birth on the Day

Imagine looking back on YOUR future birth experience and knowingly smiling , that YOU created YOURSELF  a great story?

Protect YOUR future! Time 4 Birth

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to……

Time4Birth with Bernie Allport

Stop the clock

Afford yourself the time you deserve to enjoy your pregnancy

Slow down life and concentrate on YOU!

Let Time 4 Birth show YOU how.